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Logo Liaisons

Each college, department, center, and office has a logo liaison who has received official logo files.

If you have any questions about using a logo or unit shortcut, you should first contact your logo liaison (listed below).

If you don’t have a logo liaison or have other questions, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing. If your unit isn’t listed below, let us know.

Find Your Liaison

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Child and Family Studies, Department ofAmy Clayton
Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Center forAngie Dobbs
Cinema StudiesAmanda Womac
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department ofAndrew Gallaher
Classics, Department ofAmanda Womac
Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial LawRachel Wedding McClelland
College Access and Persistence Services Outreach Center (CAPS)Rebekah Long
College ScholarsAmanda Womac
Communication and Information, College ofDeborah Crouse
Communication Studies, School ofDeborah Crouse
Communications and Marketing, Office of (CCI)Deborah Crouse
Community Engagement and Outreach, Office ofAngie Dobbs
Commuter Student EngagementMeghan Woodward
Computational Science, Joint Institute for (JICS)Christie Kennedy
Computational Sciences, National Institute for (NICS)Christie Kennedy
ConferencesKaren Alley
Conferences and Non-Credit ProgramsKaren Alley
Construction Industry Research and Policy CenterBurnette Crombie
Contracts OfficeArla Jackson
Counseling ProgramsRebekah Long
Creative CommunicationsAngie Dobbs
Culinary InstituteMarcia Lane
Dean of Students, Office of thePatrick Lamb
Disasters, Displacement, and Human RightsAmanda Womac
Diversity and Engagement, Vice Chancellor forJeff Tippett
Diversity and Interculturalism, Council forAngie Dobbs
Division of Research AdministrationChristie Kennedy
Early Learning Center for Research and PracticeDani Rose Thibus
Earth and Planetary Sciences, Department ofAmanda Womac
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department ofAmanda Womac
Economics, Department ofTanya Brown
Education, David T. Bailey Graduate School ofRebekah Long
Education, Health and Human Sciences, College ofRebekah Long
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Department ofWade McGarity
Educational Leadership, Center forWade McGarity
Educational Psychology and Counseling, Department ofRebekah Long
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Min H. Kao Department ofAndrew Gallaher
Emergency Management, Office ofBrian Gard
Engagement Center (Alumni)Susanne Morton
Engineering Advising ServicesAndrew Gallaher
Engineering Diversity ProgramsAndrew Gallaher
Engineering Fundamentals ProgramAndrew Gallaher
Engineering Professional PracticeAndrew Gallaher
Engineering, Tickle College ofAndrew Gallaher
English Language InstituteRachel Rui
English, Department ofAmanda Womac
Enrollment Management, Division ofLauren Goldberg Rucker
Entomology and Plant Pathology, Department ofJean Hulsey
Environmental Biotechnology, Center forCynthia Swift
Environmental Health and Safety, Office ofJames Cantu