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In 1891 our students declared that orange would be UT’s primary school color, and more than a century later, there’s still no mistaking Tennessee Orange. We wear Tennessee Orange with pride, and we want our communications to evoke that same sense of energy.

Tennessee Orange is the most recognizable component of our brand and is key in making us stand out from the crowd. White and Smokey are also primary colors and should be used to accent the boldness of the Tennessee Orange.

Use the guidelines below to best reproduce these colors.


The Color Black

Black is not a color in our palette and should not be used when designing university communications. Type and any other elements that may normally be displayed in black should always be Smokey Gray instead.

Digital Accessibility

Per system policy, all UT websites aim to meet WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines for accessibility. Even though Tennessee Orange is our primary color, it does not meet accessibility standards for typography on the web.