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The University of Tennessee Logo

Our logo is the primary signifier of our brand identity.

It must be present on all internal and external communications from the university. Depending on the medium, message, and audience, you may choose to use the university logo, a tagline logo, or a unit logo.

In addition to our logos, unit shortcuts allow campus entities to informally communicate their name and affiliation with the university.

Logo files may only be created by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Each college, department, center, and office has a logo liaison who has received official logo and unit shortcut files. If you have any questions about using logos, contact your logo liaison or the communications office.

The university logo combines two elements: the icon block and the wordmark. Together, these elements uniquely communicate both our tradition of excellence and our position as a dynamic public research university.

Centered (preferred)

Left Aligned

Right Aligned

Get Files For files, contact your logo liaison.

Using Logos

Use on Merchandise

When designing merchandise, such as apparel and promotional items, you should use a logo in the standard color whenever possible. You must always use a licensed vendor to produce such items.

One-Color Logos

You may sometimes be limited to a one-color imprint on merchandise, due to budget constraints or product limitations. One-color logos may only be reproduced in Tennessee Orange or white on merchandise as follows:

  • Tennessee Orange imprint on a white, gray, silver, or clear background
  • White imprint on an orange background

Clear Space

Clear space is necessary to provide breathing room around the logo. This space, equivalent to at least the height or width of the icon block, must be kept clear of any other design element.

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility, logos must not be reduced beyond the following defined minimum size.

The centered university logo should never be printed smaller than 0.625 inches tall. When displayed on screen, it should never appear smaller than 75 pixels tall.

Horizontal university logos should never be printed smaller than 0.25 inches tall. When displayed on screen, they should never appear smaller than 30 pixels tall.

The minimum size is defined by the height of the university logo, even when you are using the tagline logo or a unit logo. Layout or proportions of files may not be adjusted to meet this minimum size standard.

Logo Dos and Don’ts

Below are a few quick tips of what to and not to do when using our logo.



  • Always include either the university logo, the tagline logo, or a unit logo in all university communications.
  • Always use the files created by the Office of Communications and Marketing and provided to your unit’s logo liaison.
  • Whenever possible, use the centered version of a logo in the standard color.
  • Always adhere to the clear space and minimum size standards to ensure legibility.
  • Contact your unit’s logo liaison or the Office of Communications and Marketing if you have any questions about using the logo or need additional guidance.



  • Don’t design a logo yourself. If you need files, your unit’s logo liaison will gladly provide them to you.
  • Don’t alter your logo files. This includes stretching, squeezing, skewing, or otherwise distorting proportions or adjusting the layout or design.
  • Don’t add anything, like words or images, to your logo.
  • Don’t separate the elements of your logo.
  • Don’t use the icon block or the Power T by itself, for example as a letter in a word or phrase.
  • Don’t use more than one logo or unit shortcut in the same design space.

Get Files For files, contact your logo liaison.