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Custom Logos

To strengthen the university’s visual identity, the creation of custom logos is restricted.

The university logo is the official mark of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Unit logos and unit shortcuts allow individual colleges, departments, centers, institutes, and administrative offices to identify themselves and their affiliation with the university.

Academic colleges and departments are not allowed to use custom logos. Custom logos for other campus units are allowed only in rare instances.

Creation of a custom logo will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • When an external grant or partnership requires a unique logo and/or results in the formation of a unit (i.e., a center or institute)
  • When an administrative unit has compelling needs for a unique identity to complement the university’s brand identity
  • For special university-sponsored events
  • For special university-wide initiatives

If there is a compelling need for your unit to produce a unique logo, you must contact the Office of Communications and Marketing to discuss your needs.

All custom logos must meet a few basic design and usage standards and must be either created or approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing before implementation.

All existing custom logos, as of February 2012, are subject to ongoing review and approval.