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Logo Liaisons

Each college, department, center, and office has a logo liaison who has received official logo files.

If you have any questions about using a logo or unit shortcut, you should first contact your logo liaison (listed below).

If you don’t have a logo liaison or have other questions, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing.

If your unit isn’t listed below, let us know.

Find Your Liaison

Alphabetical by unit: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

1794 Scholars Program Sarah Hunter
Accounting and Information Management, Department of Tanya Brown
Advanced Materials, Joint Institute for (JIAM) Erin Chapin
Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Center Susanne Cate
Advertising and Public Relations, School of Donna Silvey
Advocacy and Dispute Resolution, Center for Rachel McClelland
Aerospace and Defense MBA Program Tanya Brown
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications, Department of Jean Hulsey
Agriculture and Resource Economics, Department of Jean Hulsey
Air Force ROTC Andrew Ferguson
Alumni Affairs Margaret Kline
Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Kimberly Hood
Animal Science, Department of Jean Hulsey
Anthropology, Department of Susanne Cate
Architecture and Design Center for Student Development Amanda Johnson
Architecture and Design, College of Amanda Johnson
Architecture, School of Amanda Johnson
Army ROTC Justin Howe
Art, School of Ellen Orner
Arts and Sciences Advising Services Susanne Cate
Arts and Sciences Communications Susanne Cate
Arts and Sciences Finance and Administrative Affairs Susanne Cate
Arts and Sciences, College of Susanne Cate
Assessment and Strategic Initiatives, Office of Landin Lynd
Associate Provost for Student Success, Office of the Phyliss Shey
Bakery Dustin Boruff
Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology, Department of Susanne Cate
Biological Sciences, Joint Institute for (JIBS) Erin Chapin
Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Lyndsay Bowers
Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, Department of Jean Hulsey
Blacks, Commission for Angie Dobbs
Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research Tanya Brown
Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education Wanda Davis
Budget and Finance, Office of Arla Jackson
Bursar’s Office Arla Jackson
Business and Economic Research, Center for Carrie McCamey
Business Analytics and Statistics, Department of Tanya Brown
Business, Haslam College of Tanya Brown
Career Development, Center for Alyssa Janssen
Catering Dustin Boruff
Chancellor, Office of the Angie Dobbs
Chancellor’s Honors Program Sarah Hunter
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of Rita Gray
Chemistry, Department of Kayla Benson
Child and Family Studies, Department of Amy Clayton
Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Center for Angie Dobbs
Children’s Mental Health Services Research Center Betsy DeGeorge
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Annette Costar
Classics, Department of Susanne Cate
Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law Rachel Wedding McClelland
College Access and Persistence Services Outreach Center (CAPS) Julie Morris
Communication and Information, College of Donna Silvey
Communication Studies, School of Donna Silvey
Communications and Marketing, Office of Angie Dobbs
Community Engagement and Outreach, Office of Erin Chapin
Computational Science, Joint Institute for (JICS) Erin Chapin
Computational Sciences, National Institute for (NICS) Erin Chapin
Conferences Karen Alley
Conferences and Non-Credit Programs Karen Alley
Construction Industry Research and Policy Center Burnette Crombie
Contracts Office Arla Jackson
Counseling Programs Jules Morris
Creative Communications Angie Dobbs
Culinary Institute Marcia Lane
Dean of Students, Office of the Patrick Lamb
Dining Dustin Boruff
Diversity and Interculturalism, Council for Angie Dobbs
Early Learning Center for Research and Practice Dani Rose
Earth and Planetary Sciences, Department of Susanne Cate
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Susanne Cate
Economics, Department of Tanya Brown
Education, Graduate School of Jules Morris
Education, Health and Human Sciences, College of Jules Morris
Educational Advancement Program Angie Dobbs
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Department of Wade McGarity
Educational Leadership, Center for Wade McGarity
Educational Psychology and Counseling, Department of Synthia Clark
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Kevin Bogle
Emergency Management, Office of Brian Gard
Engineering Advising Services Randall Brown
Engineering Diversity Programs Randall Brown
Engineering Fundamentals Program Randall Brown
Engineering Professional Practice Randall Brown
Engineering, College of Randall Brown
English Language Institute Brittney Martin
English, Department of Susanne Cate
Enrollment Management, Division of Lauren Goldberg
Entomology and Plant Pathology, Department of Jean Hulsey
Environmental Health and Safety, Office of James Cantu
Equity and Diversity, Office of Angie Dobbs
Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain Tanya Brown
Executive MBA for Healthcare Leadership Tanya Brown
Executive MBA for Strategic Leadership Tanya Brown
Experience Learning Initiative Alissa Sommerfeldt
Facilities Administrative and Support Services Brooke Krempa
Facilities Communications and Information Services Brooke Krempa
Facilities Construction Services Brooke Krempa
Facilities Design Services Brooke Krempa
Facilities Operations Brooke Krempa
Facilities Services Brooke Krempa
Faculty Senate Misty Anderson
Finance and Administration, Division of Arla Jackson
Finance and Administration, Office of the Vice Chancellor of Arla Jackson
Finance, Department of Tanya Brown
Financial Aid and Scholarships, Office of Darren Curry
First-Year Studies Heather Davis
Fleet Management Brian Browning
Food Science and Technology, Department of Jean Hulsey
Forensic Anthropology Center Susanne Cate
Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, Department of Jean Hulsey
FUTURE: Postsecondary Education Program Tom Beeson
Geography, Department of Kurt Butefish
Graduate School Sean Hendricks
Haslam Scholars Program Sarah Hunter
Health Education and Wellness, Center for Alyssa Janssen
History, Department of Susanne Cate
Honors and Scholars Programs Sarah Hunter
Honors Leadership Program Sarah Hunter
Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy Katie Cahill
Human Resources Shannon Bruce
Humanities Center Susanne Cate
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Department of Randall Brown
Information and Communication Studies, Center for Donna Silvey
Information Sciences, School of Joe Pecor
Information Technology Research, Center for Sam Crawford
Information Technology, Office of Susannah Finley
Innovative Computing Laboratory Sam Crawford
Interior Architecture, School of Amanda Johnson
International Education, Center for Yevie Teyfukova
Joint Institute of Nuclear Physics and Applications (JINPA) Erin Chapin
Journalism and Electronic Media, School of Donna Silvey
Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies, Department of Carrie Trexler
Korn Learning, Assessment and Social Skills Center Brian Wilhoit
Landscape Architecture, School of Amanda Johnson
Language Resource Center Doug Canfield
Law, College of Rachel Wedding McClelland
Leadership and Service, Center for Patrick Lamb
Legal Clinic Rachel Wedding McClelland
LGBT People, Commission for Angie Dobbs
Libraries, University Robin Bedenbaugh
Library Society Robin Bedenbaugh
Literacy, Education and Employment, Center for Duren Thompson
Management, Department of Tanya Brown
Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Department of Tanya Brown
Masters Investment Learning Center Tanya Brown
Materials Processing, Center for Chris Moore
Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Martha Gale
Math Tutorial Center Pam Armentrout
Mathematical and Biological Synthesis, National Institute for (NIMBioS) Catherine Crawley
Mathematics, Department of Pam Armentrout
MBA Program, Full-time Tanya Brown
McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture Cat Shteynberg
Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering, Department of Kathy Williams
Media and Internal Relations Angie Dobbs
Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Marco Institute for Vera Pantanizopoulos-Broux
Microbiology, Department of Susanne Cate
Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Department of Susanne Cate
Multicultural Student Life, Office of Landin Lynd
Music, School of Susanne Cate
National Scholarships and Fellowships, Office of Andrew Seidler
Neel Corporate Governance Center Tanya Brown
NeuroNet Research Center Rebecca Prosser
Neutron Sciences, Joint Institute for (JINS) Erin Chapin
New Student and Family Programs Alyssa Janssen
Non-Credit Programs Karen Alley
Nuclear Engineering, Department of Ashly Pearson
Nuclear Security, Institute for Kristin England
Nursing, College of Emily Kissel
Nutrition, Department of Jay Whelan
Off-Campus and Commuter Services Meghan Woodward
One Stop Express Student Services Darren Curry
Online Programs Alissa Sommerfeldt
Parking and Transit Services Moira Bindner
Philosophy, Department of Susanne Cate
Physical Activity and Health, Center for Carrie Trexler
Physician Executive MBA Program Tanya Brown
Physics and Astronomy, Department of Catherine Longmire
Plant Sciences, Department of Jean Hulsey
Police Department (UTPD) Lola Alapo
Political Science, Department of Susanne Cate
Pride Center Landin Lynd
Professional Leadership, Institute for Rachel McClelland
Professional MBA Program Tanya Brown
Provost, Office of the Susan England
Psychology, Department of Susanne Cate
Public Health, Department of Wendy Smith
Public Safety Lola Alapo
Records Management Arla Jackson
Recreation and Sport Management Rob Hardin
RecSports Patrick Lamb
Recycling Brooke Krempa
Reliability and Maintainability Center Chris Moore
Religious Studies, Department of Susanne Cate
Research and Engagement, Office of Erin Chapin
Research Integrity, Office of Erin Chapin
Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Department of Marcia Lane
Safe Zone Angie Dobbs
Science Alliance, UT-ORNL Erin Chapin
Scintillation Materials Research Center Randall Brown
Secure and Sustainable Environment, Institute for a Sherry Redus
Service-Learning, Office of Alissa Sommerfeldt
Social Work Office of Research and Public Service Betsy DeGeorge
Social Work, College of Betsy DeGeorge
Sociology, Department of Susanne Cate
Sorority and Fraternity Life, Office of Landin Lynd
Space Institute Cliff Baker
Sponsored Programs, Office of Erin Chapin
Sponsored Projects Accounting Arla Jackson
Sport, Peace and Society, Center for Brian Canever
Stormwater Management Brooke Krempa
Strategic Enrollment Reporting and Analysis, Office of Dana Kelly
Student Conduct and Community Standards, Office of Patrick Lamb
Student Counseling Center Alyssa Janssen
Student Disability Services David Ndiaye
Student Engagement, Center for Patrick Lamb
Student Government Association Alyssa Janssen
Student Health Center Landin Lynd
Student Health Center Pharmacy Landin Lynd
Student Life, Division of Meghan Jagnow
Student Life IT Team Alyssa Janssen
Student Life, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Meghan Jagnow
Student Life Assessment and Strategic Initiatives, Office of Melissa Brown
Student Loan Department Arla Jackson
Student Media, Office of Patrick Lamb
Student Success Center Jessica Osborne
Student Union Meghan Jagnow
Study of Social Justice, Center for the Susanne Cate
Study of War and Society, Center for the Susanne Cate
Summer Sessions Heather Hartmann
Sustainability, Office of Brooke Krempa
Sustainable Business and Development, Center for Sherry Redus
Sustainable Energy and Education Research Center Rita Gray
Teaching and Learning Center Alissa Sommerfeldt
Teaching and Learning Innovation Alissa Sommerfeldt
Tennessee Water Resources Research Center Sherry Redus
Theatre, Department of Julie Summers
Theory and Practice in Teacher Education, Department of Gina Guinn
Title IX, Office of Ashley Blamey
Transportation Research, Center for Lissa Gay
TVC (The Volunteer Channel) Clint Elmore
Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Lauren Goldberg
Undergraduate Research, Office of Erin Chapin
University Housing Meghan Jagnow
University of Tennessee System Tiffany Carpenter
University Printing and Mail Doug Inman
University Registrar, Office of the Molly Sullivan
UT ALERT Brian Gard
UT Pro Bono Rachel Wedding McClelland
Utilities Services Brooke Krempa
Veteran’s Pre-College Program Julie Morris
Veteran Student Services, Office of Molly Sullivan
Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, Office of the Erin Chapin
Video Production Angie Dobbs
VolCard Office Arla Jackson
VolsTeach Program Jada Russell
Volunteer Bridge Program Jason Mastrogiavani
Women, Commission for Angie Dobbs
Writing Center, The Susanne Cate
WUOT 91.9 FM – National Public Radio Greg Hill
Zone Maintenance Brooke Krempa

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