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Theme Options

Your first step in setting up a site with the UT WordPress theme is to set up your theme options.

You can find the options in the WordPress Control panel under Appearance > Theme Options.

Set the options as you like, and click “Save.” The options are defined below.

Theme Functions Settings

Home Button

Having a home button on your menu is optional. If you would like to have a link to your home page in your menu, add it by checking the “Put a home button in the menu.”

Menu Options

There are three modes of navigation in the UT Theme: Flyout, Sideways Dropdown, and Single Menu. All of them are set in the WordPress Control panel.

Single menu is best for small sites with no page hierarchy. Single menu lists only top level pages and forgoes any sub navigation. Set your site to Single menu by switching to Single in Menu Options.

Sideways Dropdown and Flyout are both styles of of the Multiple menu option. Set your site’s menu option to “Multiple” then choose the navigation style of your liking.

Sideways Dropdown is recommended for most sites, as it is easy for a user to understand and will seem familiar.

The Flyout Menu is recommended for sites having many layers of pages. If you have multiple menu that go three children or more deep, Flyout may be best for you.


Giving Link

There are three options for adding a giving link to your site.

Default Giving Link

Adds the words “Give to UT” to your menu with a link to

No Giving Link

Removes the giving link completely.

Custom Giving Link

Use your own words and add a link that targets giving to your specific department. In order to do this, you must have a custom link. For inquiries regarding this process or general questions about online giving at UT, please contact the UT Foundation.


Theme Appearance Settings

These options affect the appearance of your site.

Color preference

This changes the background color of your site, in addition to a few other minor elements.

Author credits

If you have a blog or a news feed, you can hide or show the author’s name by toggling this box.

Published date

If you have a blog or a news feed, you can hide or show the published date by toggling this box.

Headline on home page

You often will not want the word “Home” at the top of your home page. This option will hide the headline on your site’s front page.

Type style

This option affects the typography on your site.