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Understanding Menus

The theme has a couple of menu options, which are set in “Theme Options.” Once the menu option is set, it’s time to build your menu system.

The menus are best thought of as sections of your site. All of the pages of a section should go in that menu.

For example, if you have a site with pages about the creatures and places in the Land of Oz, you may have menu called “Places” and a menu called “Creatures.” In the Places menu, you would add “Deadly Poppy Field,” “The Dainty China Country,” “Munchkin Country,” and “Emerald City.” In the Creatures menu you would put “Winged Monkeys,” “Munchkins,” “Kalidahs,” “Scarecrows,” and “Squished Witches.”

The tricky part to understand is that you’re naming the menus (or sections) “Places” and “Creatures.” That doesn’t necessarily mean there is a page called “Places” or “Creatures.”

You can have up to twelve menus (sections) on your site.

To build your menu system, in the WordPress control panel visit: Appearance > Menus.

Step 1

For every section of your site, create a menu. Pay attention to what you name your menu, as this will be the name of your section and will appear on the left rail of your site.


Step 2

Now apply each menu to your site.

Switch to the “locations” tab in the menus panel. If you’re using the single menu option, you’ll need to apply your sole menu. If you’re using a multiple menu you’ll need to apply each menu in the order you’d like.



Step 3

Click “Save.” You’re done.