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Overall Look and Feel

The templates’ default CSS file includes everything you need to change the look and feel of your site.

Most site-wide modifications can be made simply by adding a class to the body.



The 2015 templates incorporate a variety of color schemes that can be “switched on” by designers. Many of the identity colors are available. These schemes modify the background color of the site as well as various elements within the page.

Simply add the color class to the <body>.

The available theme colors are:

  • Orange
  • Limestone
  • Smokey
  • River
  • Switchgrass
  • Valley
  • Summitt
  • Globe
  • Regalia
  • Legacy
  • Buckskin

<body class="orange">


Likewise, you can change the style of typography on your site by adjusting the body class.

Built-in classes:

  • sans
  • serif
  • mixedserif

<body class="serif">

Using Gotham

The university’s primary typeface is Gotham. Gotham is a licensed font and there is a cost associated with using it on your website. Please contact the UT Web Team for information on activating it for your site. Otherwise, it is perfectly acceptable to use the standard font stacks that are specified in the template CSS.

Navigation Style

There are two styles for desktop navigation: the flyout panel and the sideways dropdown. This too is adjusted by adding classes to the <body> element.

<body class="flyout">






As hard as we try to plan for every reasonable contingency, there are times when you simply need to write your own styles for a custom application or interface. If you need to customize the templates, please create a custom.css file and add all of your custom styles and style overrides to it.

Creating and coding your own styles requires a particular skill set that is beyond the scope of this document. However, if you are interested in learning, UT offers free access to to anyone on campus with a Net ID.


We strongly recommend that you do not overwrite or modify the default style.css file that is included with the templates, as we will need to make periodic updates to that document.