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Using Our HTML Web Templates

We provide the framework. You provide the content.

The templates provide a consistent framework and context for your site’s unique content, including text, photographs, documents, forms, graphics, and other elements.

Web designers and developers should work with their unit’s content experts to determine the organizational hierarchy (architecture) for presenting that content. As you embark upon this process, you should begin with a discussion of your intended primary audience and their expectations, needs, and familiarities.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there are many possible configurations for web servers. Template files attempt to account for these fundamental differences by offering basic HTML that should work in any server environment and can be “broken out” into any format that suits your needs (such as PHP, ASP, etc.).

All templates come with four sets of assets: HTML, JS, CSS, and a standard set of graphics. You will be required to host all of these assets on your own server and ensure that they are linked properly in your HTML.

Who needs these templates?

The web templates are intended for users with a working knowledge of HTML. You do not need to download these template files or familiarize yourself with this section unless you are maintaining and hosting your own website. WordPress users should instead visit Using Our WordPress Theme.