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Social Media Icons, Avatars, and Images

What you use for your avatar, icon, or cover image on your official social media is largely up to you. You may choose to use any photo from across campus, but may only use elements of the university logo as outlined below.

Official Social Media Icons

Icons (or profile photos) are available to all academic and administrative units with official social media accounts.

You are encouraged to use your official icon. Though it is not required, this version is the only option if you wish to include the Power T or any other logo element in your social media icon. You should not use your unit logo or unit shortcut as your social media icon.

These icons may only be used as social media profile images, icons, or avatars. They may not be used in any other electronic medium, in print, or on merchandise.

The colors and designs of official social media icons may not be altered, nor may designs or objects, such as Twibbons, be placed on top of official icons.

Social media icons are created by the Office of Communications and Marketing and provided directly to logo liaisons, along with other logo files. Please do not replicate your official social media icon. If you need your unit’s icon, contact your unit’s logo liaison.

Music Icon

Images and Social Media

Tweets and Facebook posts with photos, gifs, or video average more engagement than those without.

Below are some basic guidelines for sizing and uploading images for use in social media.

  1. If you are using custom profile and cover photos, the image sizes are as follows (these are minimums):
  • Facebook profile photo: 160px x 160px
  • Facebook cover photo: 851px x 315px
  • Twitter profile photo: 400px x 400px
  • Twitter header photo: 1500px x 500px
  1. When you share a link on Facebook, it will auto-generate a thumbnail from images on the page you’re sharing. You have the option to upload a different photo if you would like. For best results, crop your photo ahead of time to 470 pixels wide by 246 pixels tall.
  1. Images shared on Twitter will appear cropped at 506 pixels wide and 253 pixels tall. Keep this in mind if there is any text on your image or anything that cropping may obscure. Users will have to click on your image to expand it to its full size.
  1. Instagram images are at their best if they are 640 pixels by 640 pixels.