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Print Requirements

These standards should be kept in mind when producing print communications.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month CardUsing Logos

The following key points about using our logos are important to know and understand when designing for print.

Always Include a Logo

A logo must be present on all communications from the university. Depending on the medium, message, and audience, you may choose to use the university logo, tagline logo, or a unit logo.

Some colleges and administrative offices may require that their subunits identify affiliation with their parent organization by using the parent organization’s unit logo. You should check with your unit’s logo liaison for more information about any such requirements.

If you are designing a piece that will live on campus/for an on-campus audience, you can use your unit shortcut alone. If your piece will be given to any external audiences or used off campus, use your unit logo.

Multiple Logos

You may not use more than one university logo, tagline logo, unit logo, or unit shortcut in the same design space, such as on the same page of a print communication. You also may not combine multiple unit names into one logo.

If you need to identify more than one university entity equally on a communication, you should use one logo, preferably the university or tagline logo, and list multiple units as part of the content or within the design.

Logo Requirements

Fine Print

In order to comply with various state and federal laws, as well as to protect our own trademarks, the following fine print must be included when you create print communications.

You can combine these three elements in your publications, and it is permissible to use reduced-size print. The recommended font size is 6 points.

Publication Authorization Number (PAN)

State law requires all publications of the university be reviewed and numbered for record keeping and reporting of costs. The review and numbering process is required before the publication is printed and the Publication Authorization Number (PAN) is to be printed on the publication.

You can obtain a PAN from University Printing and Mail.

EEO Statement

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is committed to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Our EEO statement must appear on printed publications and position announcements.

Information about the EEO and the statement itself is available on the Office of Equity and Diversity website.

Indicia Statement

The Office of Trademark Licensing has developed licensing language that should be included in print communications from the university. Including this language, known as an indicia statement, protects our trademarks without having to use a registration mark in print communications.

The university name and its indicia within are trademarks of the University of Tennessee.

You should include the above statement somewhere in each of your publications, as space allows.


Creative Communications

If you need design assistance or would like someone to review your design for brand compliance before sending to print, contact Creative Communications.