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Email Signatures

Every email that comes from the university reflects upon the institution. Using one simple, branded email signature across campus helps strengthen the university’s visual identity.

Email signatures can be tricky. There are a multitude of email clients, all of which render HTML slightly differently and some of which don’t render HTML at all. Also, using various fonts and images in your signature can cause display issues when your messages are delivered.


Using the Email Signature

  1. Visit the Brand Assets website and fill out the email signature generator form.
  2. When you press “Submit,” you will see two versions of your signature—one with the university logo and one without.
  3. Choose your preferred version, select it all, and copy it using Ctrl-C (PC) or Cmd-C (Mac).
  4. Open your email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.) and locate your signature editor.
  5. Paste your new signature into the signature editor using Ctrl-V (PC) or Cmd-V (Mac).

Basic Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure the best formatting and best usage of your email signature.

  1. Do not resize the logo image generated for your signature in your email client.
  2. Do not add anything to the signature file, such as inspirational quotes or additional graphics.
  3. You do not need to use a signature on every email you send. Be sure to add it to any email going to external audiences, but it’s not necessary on everyday communications with your on-campus colleagues.
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