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Photographic Style

Photography is a powerful way to communicate our unique brand identity.

The images you choose should be compelling and reflective of the energy that drives the university and all of our activities.

Photographs of our campus and our students, faculty, and staff should feel natural and unstaged.

Less Is More

Simple, direct, and honest images are the best way to express the complexity of who we are to our outside audiences. Unless you’re illustrating history, tradition, or nostalgia, photography should be free of background or foreground noise and clutter.

One way to achieve a strong look is to use single-focus compositions that hold the foreground or subject in sharp focus, while allowing the background to go soft or out of focus.

More Is Too Much

Be aware of all the essential components of an image before shooting or using them in UT communications. Avoid using images that are busy, too complicated, out of focus, low resolution, or too darkly lit.

Image Resolution

Images for print should be at least 300 dpi at full size. Images for electronic or digital communications should be 72 dpi at full size. Image height and width dimensions will vary based on image placement, but will likely be measured in pixels.