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Unit Shortcut Dos & Don’ts

Below are a few quick tips of what to and not to do when using your unit shortcut.



  • When using your shortcut, always also include either the university logo, the tagline logo, or a unit logo.
  • Always use the files created by the Office of Communications and Marketing and provided to your unit’s logo liaison.
  • Use the standard color of your shortcut whenever possible.
  • Always adhere to the clear space and minimum size standards to ensure legibility.
  • When ordering merchandise, use the version of your unit shortcut that includes the registration mark and always use a licensed vendor.
  • Contact your unit’s logo liaison or the Office of Communications and Marketing if you have any questions about using your shortcut or need additional guidance.



  • Don’t design a shortcut yourself. If you need files, your unit’s logo liaison will gladly provide them to you.
  • Don’t alter your unit shortcut. This includes stretching, squeezing, skewing, or otherwise distorting proportions, or adjusting the layout or design.
  • Don’t add anything, like words or images, to your shortcut.
  • Don’t use a unit shortcut in a communication without also including the university logo, the tagline logo, or a unit logo somewhere else.
  • Don’t separate the elements of your unit shortcut.
  • Don’t use the icon block or the Power T by itself, like as a letter in a word or phrase.
  • Don’t use more than one unit shortcut or logo in the same design space.