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Using Logos

A logo must be present on all communications from the university.

Depending on the medium, message, and audience, you may choose to use the university logo, tagline logo, or a unit logo.

Some colleges and administrative offices may require that their subunits identify affiliation with their parent organization by using the parent organization’s unit logo.

Check with your unit’s logo liaison for more information about any such requirements.


Logos are available in the following configurations. They must be created by the Office of Communications and Marketing and may not be redesigned to appear otherwise.

Centered Logo (primary)

The centered logo is the primary logo configuration and should be used whenever possible.


Horizontal Logos (secondary)

There are two horizontal logo configurations—left and right justified. These should be used when the design does not allow for the centered logo.


Color Variations

Logos are available in three color variations. They may not appear in any color other than what is listed below.

Standard (preferred)

Logos should appear in the standard color variation whenever possible.


Reversed on Dark

On a dark background, the wordmark should be white. The icon block is orange and white.


Reversed on Orange

On a Tennessee Orange background, the wordmark is white, and the icon block is reversed out.


Use on Merchandise

When designing merchandise, such as apparel and promotional items, you should use a logo in the standard color whenever possible. You must always use a licensed vendor to produce such items.

One-Color Logos

You may sometimes be limited to a one-color imprint on merchandise, due to budget constraints or product limitations. One-color logos may only be reproduced in Tennessee Orange or white on merchandise as follows:

  • Tennessee Orange imprint on a white, gray, silver, or clear background
  • White imprint on an orange background

Individual Elements

The elements of the logo should not be separated.

The wordmark should never stand alone.

The icon block is approved for standalone use in some digital instances designed by the Office of Communications and Marketing, including the website favicon, social media and mobile app icons, and as part of e-mail and website templates. Otherwise, the icon block may appear only by itself with advance approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

The Power T should not be used by itself, separate from the icon block, by anyone except the Athletics Department. In rare and special circumstances, when the Power T icon needs to appear alone, the Office of Communications and Marketing will execute the design in close consultation with Athletics.

Clear Space

Clear space is necessary to provide breathing room around the logo. This space, equivalent to at least the height or width of the icon block, must be kept clear of any other design element.


Minimum Size

To ensure legibility, logos must not be reduced beyond the following defined minimum size.

The centered university logo should never be printed smaller than 0.625 inches tall. When displayed on screen, it should never appear smaller than 75 pixels tall.

Horizontal university logos should never be printed smaller than 0.25 inches tall. When displayed on screen, they should never appear smaller than 30 pixels tall.

The mimumum size is defined by the height of the university logo, even when you are using the tagline logo or a unit logo. Layout or proportions of files may not be adjusted to meet this minimum size standard.


Multiple Logos

You may not use more than one university logo, tagline logo, unit logo, or unit shortcut in the same design space, such as on the same page of a print communication. You also may not combine multiple unit names into one logo.

If you need to identify more than one university entity equally on a communication, you should use one logo, preferably the university or tagline logo, and list multiple units as part of the content or within the design.