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Logo Liaisons

Each college, department, center, and office has a logo liaison who has received official logo files.

If you have any questions about using a logo or unit shortcut, you should first contact your logo liaison (listed below).

If you don’t have a logo liaison or have other questions, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing. If your unit isn’t listed below, let us know.

Find Your Liaison

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Graduate SchoolSean Hendricks
Haslam Business FellowsTanya Brown
Haslam Leadership ScholarsPatrick Garlock
Haslam Scholars ProgramPat Akos
Hazing PreventionLandin Lynd
Health Education and Wellness, Center forMeghan Jagnow
History, Department ofAndrew Tessier
Honors Leadership ProgramPat Akos
HORIZON (Engineering)Andrew Gallaher
Hospitality & Tourism ManagementRebekah Goode
Howard H. Baker Jr. School of Public Policy and Public AffairsAmy Smotherman Burgess
Human ResourcesShannon Bruce
Humanities CenterAndrew Tessier
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Department ofAndrew Gallaher
Information and Communication Studies, Center forDeborah Crouse
Information Sciences, School ofDeb Crouse
Information Technology Research, Center forSam Crawford
Innovative Computing LaboratorySam Crawford
Innovative Technologies, Office ofSusannah Finley
Institute for Advanced Materials and ManufacturingMelanie Murphy
Institute for American CivicsAmy Smotherman Burgess
Institutional Research & Strategic AnalysisAngie Dobbs
Integrated Engineering DesignAndrew Gallaher
Interior Architecture, School ofAngie Dobbs
International HouseRachel Rui
International Student and Scholar ServicesRachel Rui
Joint Institute of Nuclear Physics and Applications (JINPA)Christie Kennedy
Jones Center for Leadership and ServicePatrick Lamb
JTV Center for Applied Business AnalyticsTanya Brown
Judaic StudiesAndrew Tessier
Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center, TheAndrew Tessier
Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies, Department ofDanielle Johnson
Korn Learning, Assessment and Social Skills CenterBrian Wilhoit
Landscape Architecture, School ofAngie Dobbs
Language and World BusinessAndrew Tessier
Language Resource CenterDoug Canfield
Latin American and Caribbean StudiesAndrew Tessier
Law, College ofRachel Wedding McClelland
Leadership and Service, Jones Center forPatrick Lamb
Legal ClinicRachel Wedding McClelland
LGBT People, Commission forAngie Dobbs
Libraries, UniversityLola Alapo
Library SocietyLola Alapo
LinguisticsAndrew Tessier
Literacy, Education and Employment, Center forDuren Thompson
Management, Department ofTanya Brown
Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Department ofTanya Brown
Masters Investment Learning CenterTanya Brown
Materials Processing, Center forChris Moore
Materials Science and Engineering, Department ofMartha Gale