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Color Palettes

Choosing from the university’s color palettes brings visual consistency to designs from across campus.

There are a number of colors to choose from and dozens of possible combinations, which can help you build your unit’s own unique identity within the university’s broader brand identity.

Each of the colors below has a series of numbers, or codes, assigned to them. Which code you use depends on the medium you are designing for. See the Using Our Colors page for information about these codes.

Custom color swatches for use in Adobe design programs are available for download.

Primary Palette

Tennessee Orange requires a special set of colors to support it. Primarily, white and Smokey should always be used to underscore its boldness.

The Color Black

Black is not a color in our palette and should be avoided at all costs when designing university communications. Fonts and any other elements that may normally be displayed in black should always be Smokey instead.

Secondary Palette

Colors in the secondary palette accent our core colors. When used with the primary palette, they add energy and suggest movement.

The names of our colors point to an aspect of UT’s history or the region we call home.